Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week 4 - MTC photos

haha I loove these pictures SHQIPERIA <3 and that's my Albanian nametag if ya couldn't tell 
here's some pre-temple walk B&W tryna pose like Europeans with my Shoq
! love these sisars/noverek/odes/motrat! 
most of the sisters in our zone last Sunday, right before the Huns left
the whole zone!! before the Huns left. And probz missing a couple ppl but still. Aw love these missionaries!
my zone again<3

and the inside of my closet door, I spy turkeys from the Asmus kids! ;) 

my shoes in case you're interested lol and holiday-themed cards by my bed for decor! have a little room left for christmas cards hehe hint;)  

isn't this cute? Motra Chesh's fam sent her this little tree, and my festive cards are hanging by my bed. Too bad we only spend maybe 5min a day in our residence haha 

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