Saturday, November 29, 2014

Week 4 - Gëzuar Ditë Falëminderëve!!!

Gëzuar Ditë Falëminderëve!!! 

(oops think I spelled Happy Thanksgiving wrong but all good bc not even an Albanian holiday lol.) 

Alright, highlights from this week??
Ooh on Tuesday for devo we had Dallin H. Oaks, and his cute 2nd wife (I want to look like her when I’m that age haha). I was esp. excited to hear him speak since he was a supreme court justice in his pre-apostle life (thx to your nifty apostle song mom lol!). He just said some really great reminders about our missionary service and used an analogy of his pen to rep. our position of tools in the Lord’s hands. Sang in the choir (broadcast to international MTCs if ya wanna find me on the big screen haha), Nearer, my God, to thee, which reminded me of our little fam. musical number the other month. (And an insider told me we will hear from Elder Bednar today, two in one week, woo!)

Well, I still love the Shqip language and learning/studying/attempting to speak it, but the grammar is definitely trickyy! Not impossible, but def. makes ya think, aka def makes my head hurt after a few hours of dissecting sentences.  I still love the MTC! I’m sure I’ll be so ready to go in a month, but for the time being I really like the structure (not to mention safety/comfort/ease) and great devotionals and so many cool (& international!) fellow missionaries I get to meet.

Oh did y’all watch Pres. Eyring’s talk on marriage at the Vatican at a recent religious conference on marriage? If not, go watch it, thought of you parents bc you will love it! And so many great mormon messages out there too, Rach & Josh esp. you should check those out bc half of them I didn’t even know were out there but are really sweet/ make ya think.  (

Oh fun fact, Rachel=Reçel = jam në Shqip lol. 

Our lessons are still going surprisingly well! I really, really enjoy teaching/discussing. Motra Çeshër and I have a pretty solid system down...plan beforehand key points we want to get across, in English, and then look up vocab/translate/re-phrase in our own words, so we aren’t just reciting little grammatically-perfect phrases from the book but maybe not knowing exactly what we’re saying or being unable to answer questions. This way, we can really discuss what we are teaching and follow our investigators’ leads, using our limited vocab and a little creativity. And a lot of study/practice and a lot of Holy Ghost.

Oh I now know the 1st vision në Shqip (memorizoni), I’ll recite it to you when we Skype in half a yr on mother’s day lol. 

I love you!!! Haha more letters on the way, be excited. We (distrikt) love the missionary comics hehe, keep em comin, pleasee.

Thanks for the sweet decor/thoughtful letters...always brightens my dayy. xoxoxox Ju Dua!!! Shumë Faleminderit për ÇDO GJA. Jam mirënjohës për JU. xoxoxoxo

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