Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 2 - MTC photos

hahahaha some more companion pics! i love motra c she is so sweet and agreed that we really balance each other out well!! and learn from/teach eachother lots i.e. I  encourage her to talk in lessons and she makes sure we're 5 min. early everywhere and exactly obedient 

 (got pics by ourselves...  we have soo many together lol) 

 Sisars <3 
 with the Finns in our zone, love them! Check that Zuster Riley pose! 
 p IS FOR PARTY!  We love p day!!! temple in the morning (sealings for the 1st time! a daughter) and picnic lunch and first snow of the season!! and w/ a hungary-bound sis. training leader, not-smiling bc Europeans don't for pics 
 my pics are not exactly an accurate portrayal bc usually studying and learning but the pics=GOOFY 
(but I guess still pretty accurate since we like to have funnnn)
also wow so rushed during this 1 hr, I can see why so many mish updates are filled with typos bc no time to double-check lol!  
 hahaa are you sick of all the pics yet?! we always snap TONS right before email time on pday ;) 
 there may be lotsa repeats but jus tryna send em allll
 snow!!! remember a year ago when I did this, except at college instead of the MTC and w roomies instead of my district? 
 hahaha i feel so much like eliza with these digital camera missionary selfies!! 

 b4 class

 b4 service: on saturday aka "cat"erday as motra fuller calls it 
  get it bc cheshire cat? the other motras have lotsa pics too if you can somehow find them haha 
 motra f is silly and fun haha and we all love matching in our shqiperia shirts!! 
couple more, love my shoqen! 
haha wow may have almost as many pics as last time! don't worry gonna send an update later. using my comp's memory card reader rinnow!

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