Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 3 - MTC photos

 more comp pics!
 haha cool flag right ;) and fun sign right? like my ALBANIAN hat? ;) 


 haha it was really coldddd 

 it was really cold this day too haha      --      LOVE decorating with your stuff (motra C does the same!)

 motraS AND the whole district yay <3 
motra hoover! (we have a selfie on her phone maybe she posted to the mission fb page! haha wait what's facebook...) our whole class was matching w light pink etc. but everyone else left for lunch. love all our teachers, they're so great <3
 haha motra c said i purse my lips/make this face when i look in the mirror. looove her she is so great and just a wonderful shoqen :) 
  motra white, my basketball buddy! so fun haha and we're both pretty competitive and always block aka fowl eachother.. wholesome recreational activities here at the mtc ;) burned 5 holes in my sweats from the gym floor and she has some pretty bad bruises hahah didn't know if you could see in the pic!) but we have so much fun and gonna miss our Hungarian zone leaders (not medveczsky) who we always play ball with! 
with some of the German sisters! meine nachbaren, und bathroom buddies haha. hab' diese nette schwestern liebbb!
 hehe here's some oldies from my shoqen's cam! 

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