Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 52 - Lushnje


lovee our sweet members and investigators and incrediblee day yesterday, I'll tell ya more in my update it was really awesome

Shqiperia <3

Tetori dotethote koha e kungullit

Shkolla 9-vjecare

Mrekullia na rrethojne

Hej ah not enough time because to tell you about this past week I'd have to talk nonstop for a solid day so let me know in 6 months if you're still interested? ;)
But wow, church yesterday. It was absolutely incredible. By far the best Sunday here in Lushnje (according to Motra Eliason, who's been here 3 months longer) and actually one of the best my whole mission, I'd have to say. Our little branch was so.. functional. The sacrament hall was packed.. filled with investigators and returning members and quite a few new people who just showed up out of curiosity and interest to learn more- every missionary's dream! And we had separate classes (relief society, priesthood, gospel principles, combined youth, even primary...) the spirit was so strong and I was so happy to see the members really treating everyone like family, being so welcoming to all the new people.. just how it should be!

The work is really great here and this past week was amazing and I am so sorry I'm not able to describe the cool & miraculous & funny & interesting things that have happened but lemme just say that the church is true and Heavenly Father is very aware of our needs and also others' needs and our abilities to be the reminder in their lives that he loves them; that he loves us, his children. (As my comp and I sang in sac. mtg. yesterday!) Femijet e Perendise jemi!
Ju dua, ju puthi! :*
<3 Motra Rajlli
tell your seminary class hi from me!!

after we sent her a pic of Eliza with an apple crisp she made: yum! and no way, another "weird twin coincidence" bc i made apple crisp the other night and today whipped up some pomegranate tart things (fancy oatmeal lol)

get ready for some food pics ;) i am livin the dream with fresh seasonal produce and exotic fruits... and it's all so cheap... <3  

apple crisp for you mom ;)  
&awesomee, chill p-day today (just what we needed tho after this past week whew!) because my poor comp got super sick last night but i guess better p-day than any other day right? so i had plenty of time to cookkk and read/study and also did a little treg shoppen, gotta rep that kuq e zi! (curry lentils) / and cute member whose mom we help harvest bami (like cactus aka our hands are like pincushions after an hour) b/c she's so ready to be baptized she just has so much work Sunday mornings..so we pick up the slack Saturday afternoon. We went last week and she couldn't come b/c of a death in the fam so we went back and another cousin had passed away so she still couldn't make it to church (they wear black and don't go out b/c mourning) 

haha there's a funny story behind these- my new!- slippers.... we were at an investigator's house and they gave me them to wear (custom here) and as we were leaving I accidentally said, "I wish I could take these with me"... what I meant to say was "these are awesome, I want to get slippers like this for myself" but it just popped out like that so they insisted I take them.. I felt bad ha because I was not trying to ask for them..!

.. and this was my comp's chill p-day. e shkuara! <3, and that's what the end of a 9-lesson day looks like

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