Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 49 - Transfer 4 (of 5)

unintenionally matching
she is so awesome!! 

cute Relief Society sisters.. I got to teach an impromptu lesson which I really enjoyed.. anytime anyone made a comment they sounded like they were yelling because that's just the way they talk and I found their..  gospel passion rubbing off on me, kinda felt like a baptist preacher toward the end of the lesson ha 

and haha such a hippie pic

mirupafshim, Durres! <3 

First of all.. Mom and Eliza tell Belg/Neth/France hoi for me, and Dad enjoy the lush landscapes over there..... and Rachel/Josh, squeeze in some last beach trips (w. Grandma Linna!) and Isaac enjoy Provo autumntime.. btw happy RM-year mark.. 

Nejse, I am here in Lushnje and loving this place; the small but growing branch, the many solid, eager investigators who I get to jump in and work with, and the sweet, solid recent converts. My new comp. is sister E from DC, and she is an amazing missionary and so hard-working/focused/ready to goo and I am loving the fast pace of this transfer and really excited for these next three months. This place is so ripe for missionary work. It's a smaller, village-y kinda place, with beautiful countryside close-by, and as the Book of Mormon reminds us (pride cycle?), humility and faithfulness accompany one another and some of the people I've met here are about as down- to- earth as it gets. (lol that last part sounds like something Isaac would say). Also I finally get to be the "organist" (keyboardist) in sacrament meeting! Yess

My first fast and testimony meeting here was def. one to remember... I'll spare you the details but let's just agree that church is a hospital for souls and as the the master physician reminded us, "they that are whole need not a physician but they that are sick" and so we as members must remember that although we know what we need to do as we all endure to the end together; unfortunately often knowing and doing are two very different things, and so we must forgive and encourage one another. As the recently-ordained Elder Dale G. Renlund reiterated, "God cares a lot more about who we are and who we are becoming than about who we once were. He cares that we keep on trying." (shoutout to sister Davis!) 

Also this past week I've had some really great personal studies; stumbling across soo many beautiful, motivational verses (and they're all just so applicable to missionary work hah) and I'd like to share a few of my faves with you. 
*Alma 29:10 
*1 Timothy 4:10 &16
    and my new fave verse, because I feel like it really encompasses the message of the gospel:
*Alma 28:14

Wow this past week was filled with soo many interesting and unique experiences (all documented in my journal but not in this email srry).. lemme just say that being out here, preaching the gospel here in [Lushnje] Albania, is an absolutely irreplaceable experience, and I feel extremely blessed to be right here at this time, doing nothing but this important work. I am SO grateful for the gospel; the GUIDANCE and knowledge and comfort it brings into my life. So grateful. 

I love you all, and thanks soo much for your love and support :)
Kalofshit sa me bukur gjate javes! Invite a friend to learn more about the gospel this week, maybe sharing a favorite conference talk from this past session? Which I haven't watched yet btw, but am looking forward to seeing the broadcast this upcoming weekend! 

Lotsa luv, <3 Motra Rajlli :)

 sayin bye to my mish mom, nene Z <3
District sisters.. (the other two are opening Berat!) 

no, I didn't get dear Janed.. but I did try burning this hefty stack of dearelders (don't feel bad mom! I just can't haul them all around haha but trust me I do treasure them when I get them, and anyways the matches didn't work) 

(the mom and grandma toss this newborn around like a football..) 

this member is AWESOME haha I can't stop smiling when I'm around her because she is so cute and FAITHFUL i.e. the other day we asked if she'd read and she replied that she was able to squeeze in 8 chapters from BoM that morning

last fhe in Durres w this cool fam 

loaaded up on some GOOD groceries yeees  

and do I look like Eliza or what in that selfie 

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