Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 53 - Hej miredita sii po kaloni??


on our YEAR MARK !!!! from entering mtc  

(Madi is to the right of the very center)

this cute member is so awesome and we've started teaching her mom and bro it's an incredible story and the girl is our investigator A  

a little sunny but this is E and L I was taking about.. haven't missed a wk of church btw  

Hej miredita sii po kaloni?? 
Okay I just wanna tell you about E, our amazing and faithful and humble and progressing investigator, who will be getting baptized this upcoming weekend along with her husband, L. They have two cute kids: S, who is 11 (but tiny and sickly.. but really blossoming lately. ) and adorable A, who is 6. So we're teaching a family, which on its own is a miracle and every missionary's dream if ya ask me.. anyways their love and faith and contentment with what little they have because they realize they have the most important things... family, love, just enough food and a roof over their heads, now the gospel and all the comfort and holy ghost that comes along with receiving this message... they are incredible and I thought that as a missionary I'd be doing the teaching but really they are teaching me. So much. About priorities, generosity, kindness, gratitude, hope; faith. I just wanna say that I am so grateful for them and the irreplaceable experience of testifying to them and bringing them the gospel in their tiny little room of a house.. so bare when it comes to material toys but for some reason it doesn't feel empty.. maybe cause it's filled with charity and the spirit..

 Also in church I've started a little primary class for the kids (with a member.. #splits #whitehandbookapproved) and I think they love it as much as I do haha, I guess 4 months teaching kindergarten in Russia wasn't for nothing! ;) and yesterday was the baptism interview for E and L and usually L is a man of very few words but yesterday everyone was answering and explaining and it was really wonderful, and little A says the best prayers these days, and even S, who hardly spoke up until the past week mumbled a sweet little prayer and when asked the question, "who is God?" (ne Shqip po pra) she quickly responds, "Ati im Qiellor!", or, "my heavenly father!"

We had a wonderful mission conference, I am so grateful to have President Weidmann as my mission president, his strong testimony is such a boost and strength, and sister Weidmann as well, she is everything I want to be 40 years down the road :) (along with grandma Linna! and shoutout to Shirley <3) and we had a guest speaker, Elder Johnson and his wife, area 70 usually serving in Germany. They were really great so of course it was uplifting hearing from them and they joined us for leadership conference too. 

I love this gospel, so grateful for the knowledge that God is our loving heavenly father whom we can pray to whenever, and such a comfort to acknowledge that through his son, our savior Jesus Christ, we can be lifted up and fulfill our divine potentials! (Lots of great Uchtdorf talks about that)....

JU DUA e ju sugjeroj te lexoni sa me shume nga shkrimet e bukura te shenjta.. ju premtojj qe do frymezoheni <3 
Soo much more of course but suffice it to say that some days are longggg and exhausting (just how I like it tho in the long-run b/c no regrets but in the moment, whew) but soo worth it. Also shoutout to my wonderful, smart, hard-working, diligent, companion Motra Illajesen... I absolutely looveee this transfer and serving with her and her drive and passion for missionary work (and we're kinda the same person when it comes to cooking veggie stews and dark-choc. treats and borderline-cheesy cute notes for our investigators and sisters in the zone etc. haha) 
Love you all and wish you a week as spontaneous and spiritual as if you were serving a mish in Lushnje, Albania ;) 
<3 me dashuri nga Motra Madi  Rajlli :)

I got the 1/2 bday package!!!!! (4 months after it was mailed) ahh thanks soo much I really love it :) my journals are lookin pretty awesome thanks to all the little scraps you send me ;)

happy halloween! thanks for the notes, shoutout to MOM and sis. Michelle Wedekind! 

funky bushes in Tirana and this member was sooooo excited to skype RM motra kollmen 

this cutie loves doin my hair (she reminds me of Raysha!) and this cutie dressed up as a sister msisionary and helped us with lessons ;) also went tracting... our form or trick-or-treating... only we gave the treat (pass-along-cards, anyone?), #betterthanreeses 

way more gr8 pix but sloooo000w comp srry

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