Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week 50 - paska rene cik shi



this couple is soo cool! the xhaxhi  texted us some scripture raps this past wk 

Mbasdita familjare

hejjj hau ar ju duing maj femili ?
Si jeni? Si kaluat? 
Another awesome week, packed with missionary workk. The more I learn about the gospel, the more eager I am to share it with everyone. Good thing that is what I'm called here to do full-time! 

Lushnje has its.. room for improvement, as does any smaller branch, but I am honestly so impressed with the potential. I guess having been trained in Prishtina, to this day I am impressed when people show up to lessons or kindly agree to meet with us again. So many opportunities to testify of God as our loving Heavenly Father, who sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for us.... and lately, so many people eager to listen to us testify. Still getting used to how receptive the people here generally are, and I love it. 

We venture out to fshats several times a week for lessons.. it is a different world out there; out here. 
Last week we had a ridiculously long list of people to work with, which is def. a good thing but also a little stressful because we just wanna give each of them our time and attention, so this past week we weeded through and focused on the truly ready (some of them made our job easy and "dropped themselves" aka ignored our calls etc.), and of course always on the lookout for new investigators/ future members! (But if not, always doin' our best to brighten peoples' days..)

Really, every day when I look back at everything that's happened I am just in awe of the many incredible experiences I get to be a part of, every single day. 

We had MLC (leadership conference), which was uplifting as usual, and Zone Training.. those meetings just pump me up for the work all over again! Also, Sister Eliason and I hadn't really been taking lunch (time.. we just eat on the go), which is awesome on the one hand because we can pack in more missionary work, but it caught up to us by the weekend so I testify that Mosiah 4:27 ("And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.") is an inspired verse ;) but really, I love the productive, filled days we've been having, we are so blessed here with great investigators. 

Oh, the Elbasan sisters stayed with us since the football match (soccer game lol) vs. Serbia could've had some upset fans, so it was a little distracting during lang. study in the evening, inside our apt. right "downtown" with a perfect view of the huge screen playing the game, with every Lushnje citizen running around, wrapped in Albanian flags.... loove this country. But they lost so the streets quieted down quickly, but then a couple nights later we played Armenia (shoutout to Ben Burt ha) and we wonnnn and everybody got in their cars and honked and waved flags and set off fireworks for hours. 

This place is amazing and I love it here, and not just because of how excited they get about futbol ;) because of the incredible, sincere, generous, resilient, faithful Shqiptare I get to meet and share the gospel with. <3 
Oh and got to watch some of conf... understood it shyqyr and I looved the talks directed towards us women (all this talk of motherhood makin' me trunky.. haha jk not at all) and esp. the one about eternal parent/ children relationships.. I'm excited to listen to the other sessions, hopefully soon!

I love you all! Faleminderit shume per gjithcka qe beni per mua, ju dua pamase e jam mirenjohesje per mbeshtetjen e dashurine tuaja... ju perqafoj forte! (kater-here, sic bejme ketu ne Lushnje). <3 <3
me dashuri te madhe nga Lushnja e fshatet prane meje..
Motra Rajlli :) 

this boy is so cute (wears the chain to help w/ digestion.. wha?) and yummy home- grown squash! gonna help them harvest this week #service

so I guess I'm "peshk-etarian"? ;) get it.. peshk~fish in shqip 
some of our investigators gave us a little snack (totally ate some btw, had to.. forgot to use the little bones as toothpicks tho, next time..)  

happy thxgiving haha gobble gobble 

idk if you can tell but we basically kayaked our way to Tirana.. 
we've had craazy thunderstorms/lightining and RAIN here btw

!!! handwritten letter by the Kosovar mom that former-Zuster Riley ran into back in Holland! 

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