Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Week 33 - Kosovo

 SY I AJT... mos u shqetsoni, krejt rahat

 I love these neighborhood girl! always playing in the streets when we walk to the church. they're a little scared of me now b/c of my eye though...... 
 Binjake!! <3 <3 these cuties are SO SMART they speak perfect English and also Bosnian and Turkish, and Ship of course! 

 le te festojme
 saying goodbye to the awesome Bodell fam (she's so cool and loves my fave raw vegan blog, yess someone to talk to about good food, no more byrek hahah) 

 church picnic! love these beautiful Muslim girls :) 
nurse/Motra Hydrick! and some English course friends (dieser Junge spricht auch Deutsch!)

 warning! graphic content!
How is UTAH? Aw have fun camping and seeing everyone and tell everyone hi and I love you all etc. <3  Oh as you saw, I have a black (PURPLE) eye.. from playing basketball with some little 8-yo djalls (two Ls not one.. google translate both lol) at a branch picnic. It was so fun though hah worth it. Actually I had no idea how bad it was so I did some handstands later oops pretty sure no one believes me that my dad's a doctor. Also got stuck in an elevator for 20 min lol! but I'll write more later! tung tung talk more later ju duam!! 
<3 motra rajlli :) 
Photo taken just after Madi got her black eye, sent from the Hydricks (missionary couple in Madi's branch)
so yeah this happened.. let's just say I'm not too popular among the Muslims around here. jk this was from playing basketball w/ some little street boys at a branch picnic at the park on Saturday. WAYYYY worse in person (I also have a nice scar on my nose from something else right) 
 like I said, it looks nowhere near as bad (scary/disturbing) in pics! kinda like heavy makeup @ a distance lol 
 trying out my new cam hahah.
btw I have LOTS of pics for you this wk :) 

oops don't have much time.. today had an amazing p-day at the beautiful Liqeni batllava, it was bukur fare! but this past week was FILLED with incredible lessons and exhausting walks seeing so much more of this sweet city and all sorts of experiences and conversations and emotions haha and basically never a dull moment out on the mish! I LOVE the people here, the branch/ members of course and also the friendly and sincere friends I've made (who will get baptized one day... plantin' seeds for the time being), and I have gained so much respect for Islam since living here. I LOVE the Book of Mormon, I enjoyed reading through Moroni 7 again, such a Kapitulli i bukur and I've been studying the crazy Old Testament too, fun to re-read those classic bible stories, but get so much more out of them this time around.
Oh and listening to "Lord, I would follow thee" I was really touched by the lyrics. Go listen to it. :)

got stuck in an elevator for 20 min... w/ the elders bc they came with to teach about priesthood.... 

JU DUAM!!! Kaloni bukur fare ne jutah! enjoy hiking and swimming and camping and cousins and bej te fala secili aty! <3 and GEZUAR DITELINDJEN Isypoo.. are you feelin' 22? ;)

love you guys! Thanks for the incredible examples you all are. Flasim javen tjeter, tung tung!! 
<3 Motra Rajlli

Zone photo from the Hyrdricks

Hermana's new look
 Familja Teli <3 
 aw Teli kids (thx for the ride home, Pres!)

 <3 <3 !!! 

 love my city!! 
 "the living room" 

Motra Ariza in her element.. 
free coca cola! haha Motra Ariza is addicted to this stuff but I'm tryna get her away from it and she was doing good for like 2 days and then all these booths popped up! come on 

love the cheap fresh produce over here :) <3

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