Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 31 - Kosovo

w some trainees in Tirane

 I've always loved ditching Relief Society to go hang out in nursery/primary ;)
biggest group of babies yet! Weidmanns' grandchildren were here the other week

 haha this guy in our branch, so funny, when we said we wanted to take pics with them he told his daughter to go grab his plise (white xhaxhi hat)

 (last wk) thanks for all the DearElders mom ;) LOVE your mail :)

  fresh melon juicee <3

 and some books from my practicing Muslim friends.. the one on the right is a novel about a Christian girl who converted to Islam (takes place in Turkey?) and they said she reminded them of me and also encouraged me to marry a Muslim boy.. thanks but no!

 Kosova sa bukur, teper teper (Kosovo how beautiful, more more)

 ww2 memorial..back before Kosovo existed

 motra ariza made her 2nd cake ever, for our recent convert M who had a bday
 haha love this cutie! Great family <3

brought S to her activity... we had a busy Sunday morning before church whew. Were able to sneak in a lesson with S. Haha she's awesome, love her  

sa te rrosh, do te mesosh »
Mireditaa <3 (that's a bad word in Spanish btw.. took a sec for Motra Ariza to get used to that greeting lol)
qysh jeni, si keni kalu aty?
Just livin' the dream here in Kosovo! I LOVE THIS PLACE.

Our week was full of lessons (kerkuese) and visits (anetare) and meetings (misionare te tjeret) and classes (kurs anglishtes) and so much WALKING thank goodness, me merr shume malli per fitness haha. Some days I just stop and look around and try to soak it all in~ don't wanna get too used to this cool place or take all the neat experiences for granted, ya know?

The end of our week had an unexpected spin, our investigator/ shoqja e ngushte Gj had an emergency surgery but is doing great now, but it still wouldn't hurt to keep her and her sister in your prayers! So we've been visiting the hospital the past couple days, and yesterday hung up some pictures from old ensigns/liahonas (just nature and paintings etc., no pictures of Christ because that would cause huge problems here) to brighten up the dismal walls in there but I guess they got taken down. The hospital here was a "gift" from USA I guess, but lemme tell ya, it looks nothing like a hospital in the states. I absolutely love these smart, sweet, LOVING, sisters; V and Gj. I am so relieved and grateful she was taken care of just in time. The baptism was going to be this upcoming weekend but now it'll have to be a little later.. but it is still happening, they are so ready. <3
Had another discussion with my hard-core Muslim friends (who I visited the mosque with a couple Fridays ago, idk if I forgot to mention?) and they're so nice but this time they were much pushier and straightup told me they want me to convert to Islam "we see a lot of potential in you because you're a nice girl" and testifying that the Kuran is true (hey, that's our job, me Librin e Mormonit!), whereas I explained to them that I love meeting with them to clear up misconceptions and learn about our similarities and differences but not necessarily hoping they'll convert b/c I totally respect that they're so strong in their faith. I explained that as a missionary, yes, I'm trying to find people who will join this church because of the happiness and comfort this gospel brings to me, por nese jo, Besimi eshte Besim, pavaresisht e deges ose fej. (Por, veç ne kemi krejt te verteten, edhe Prifterine..)

We also met with S a couple times, and wheeled her across town in record time (better planning ahead this time too, last time was crazy ha) to an activity with Handikos, a paraplegic organization we are friends with here (through S) and she promised she'll come to church next yesterday was just practice, getting up and wheeling her across Prishtina for an important meeting at 10. :)

Our new investigator, L (who we met through her roommates, who we met tracting), came to church and I knew she studies music but after sac. mtg. I found out her focus is on conducting (i.e. an orchestra one day, awesome right?) and I lead the music in sac. mtg. so hopefully I did alright lol no pressure ;)

Man, I've met some incredible people here. I thought that as a missionary I'd be the one changing others' lives with the uplifting message of the Plan of Salvation, and service and love etc., but lately I feel like I'm the one learning from the examples of everyone I meet and teach!
-> 2 Nefi 25:29
-> 2 Nefi 15:9
Love you guys. <3 flmn per gjithçka, really though. <3 Kaloni bukur, fare!
<3 Me shume dashuri (teper- teper!), Motra Rajlli. :*

lotsa photos from MA's camera that had a virus so i couldn't send.. nvm haha you'll see em all one day if you're not burnt out on my mission pics by now ;)

 English course friends :)

w Gj and V! usually smiling I promise :)

Russel Crowe is in Kosovo! haha long-lost twin? (this was at the hospital visiting our friend/investigator who had an emergency surgery but is doin great now <3)

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