Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Week 32 - Kosovo

 Peja a few wks ago! lookin like suuch a tourist haha -- btw met this awesome catholic girl/Potential whose family owns a traditional Kosovar restaurant on this train ride who didn't accept my Book of Mormon but took a pamphlet and we had a solid 2 hrs to discuss/answer Qs 

tree-hugger of course & make a wish!

pics from my comp's camera from the past month. :)
and also, sad news... pretty sure my camera (the super nice, replacement from my Russian hostfam from when my other camera was stolen over there..) was stolen. I searched everywhere but seems like that must be what happened..:// so good thing I have p-day to do some camera shoppen, and good thing Kosovo tends to have cheap(er) electronics... and I mean yeah, it's just a material thing but still, I loved my camera. good thing I sent you so many of the pics every week but of course there were so many other irreplaceable great ones that weren't backed up. 
I'm sending you lots bc I'm worried something's gonna happen to these ones too.. sister Ariza's card had a virus the other week but it's all good but still! ya never know 

 w our new flutes (fylle) in this glass elevator 

 this is the "usually smiling" one and man I loove these awesome sisters <3 <3 

  edhe 100 to Pres. Teli!
more from President's bday party...all the missionaries over there plus grandparents etc. and lotttsa food!

deti është i kripur kudo ....
Mirëmengjesi! <3 Ç'bëni??  Another wonderful week here in Prishtina! (Besides my suuper nice camera with tons of sweet pics from this transfer getting stolen yesterday while I was in church..)  

Spent a lot of time visiting the hospital to be with our progressing investigators/ BFFs (one had an emergency surgery followed by serious complications, but good news! Going home today and after 10 days are doing much better. :) (Dad btw if you hear from some Kosovo friends with medical questions it's because I referred you..) and the baptisms, which were scheduled to be this past Saturday, will be as soon as possible aka this month still. :) Any feedback on the timeless question, "why do bad things happen to good people?", would be appreciated; I like hearing different thoughts/ insights, esp. when I'm trying to explain this concept- and fully understand it myself! 

This week-whew- we walked a lotttt. Trying to budget and save money so that means skipping the bus/ taxi and goin' by foot! I like it though! It's nice weather (& gettin' hott I'm sure you Floridians can relate) and I have a sweet watch tan and my feet are constantly aching but we get to see so much more of the city and constant finding opportunities and there are fruit stands on every corner and also win-win because gettin' some exercise too!

Had our last zone training w/. this zone (&mish conf in a couple wks!) & had some great group shots from that, which you woulda loved mom, but of course I don't have my camera now. But it was great! Always good to get pumped up again and just do everything we possibly can.. so much work to do here in Prishtina, so little time... but enough time, if we use it well. :)  My trainee is doin' great, teaching powerfully and confidently and I forget she's 9 years older than me haha, everyone thinks she's like 20 #foreveryoung. 

So I'm working on memorizing scriptures, in both English and Shqip and the other day I picked Alma 5:26 and basically that whole chapter is packed with some powerful verses so I recommend you to go read through it again, right now! 

Kalofsit bukur fare dhe Zoti ju bekoftë dhe mos harroni kurrë sa dashuni e kam për juu! <3 
<3 me dashuni të madhe, Motra Rajlli :)

ps there was this huge book fair here in Prishtina and I got this Russian language book~ in Albanian, and basically it's the best 12 euros spent in my life because I'm learning so much Albanian because it's in Shqip, and some Russian vocab from a year ago is coming back to me and now I'm actually learning the grammar etc. So yeah I was so excited about that! Win-win apo jo?? 
PS thanks for all the mailllll and Dearelders and every little note and picture, so fun and always much appreciated :) <3 TË DUA!! 

 haha idk
 comp pic
 back when we were able to squeeze in (and afford haha) cafes errday! and leave pass-along-cards on the napkin stands of course

one of our members, A, is famous!  (we don't watch TV.. but we were excited to glance up and see her reporting the news while we were waiting to meet someone in a hotel lobby) / this is what a broken elevator and 7 flights of stairs after a long day looks like haha  btw I'm usually wearing sister missionary clothes- aka skirts, I just happen to take all my pics on p-day and this was after some service! 

 haha I love this family/couple. they are so NICE and loving and humble <3 <3 <3 (and encouraging! they are the perfect audience for Motra Ariza's teaching-in-Albanian practice/training) 

I know it looks otherwise based on my pics, but I'm usually working and walking (a lot.. let the Niceville missionaries know ha jk) and teaching and tracting etc... you just see the occasional p-day trips but it's not an accurate portrayal of my mission lol!!

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