Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 24 - Scenic shots

 walking to lessons...I LOVE walking tons and leaving our "bubble" (church/banes/shesh/albi market..)
check those power lines ;) (last transfer a reporter wanted to interview us about how the messed up lines affect us but my trainer didn't think it was a good idea.. but I am down for any chance to be on Kosovar TV hahah and hey publicity for the church!)

cool ruins under glass downtown (and peanuts I bought off the street.. you would hate them mom because the guys selling them def. don't wash their hands so ya, building up my immune system) & sun's out kids out! love our street 

 happy (late) international dog day? haha street contacting and we were wondering why there were so many pet-owners out? 

 graqianica.. wish I had a cyrrilic keyboard so I could write how it's really spelled! 

 we had a couple BEAUTIFUL days this past wk, I want this weather all the time. I love it here. 
 scenic (& foggy) early morning drive down to Shqipni 
haha are you getting all my pics? srry I send so many... I just get really excited about stuff here and wanna share.. esp. since let's be honest a lot of ppl don't actually get to visit Kosovo so pictures are the next best thing right?

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