Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week 24 - Kosovo

 Here is a chance to make someone's day: Madi's sweet companion from Chile is named Motra Ariza. She would be so happy to get any mail written in Spanish or English. According to Madi: PLEASE write to her bc she doesn't get a lot of mail and hardly has any support from her family, and she would TOTALLY appreciate it :) love you! 
You can type her a letter on for free and it will be printed out and delivered to her (just type "Sister B. Ariza" in the "Adriatic South Mission") or send a postcard (no letters accepted this way) with USA postage to: 
Motra Ariza
Adriatic South Mission
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

 such an amazing view right?! explored old castle ruins at the top and some girls from Elbasan (Albania) were with us and one is waiting for her mission call, they're so nice <3 

 the p-day trip I'd been dreaming of! haha
btw scary near-death encounter on the ride home but no worries we made it home safely SHYQYR whew 

missed Easter week because of transfers so extended the holiday and baked for members/investigators:) btw baking is SO EASY when I'm not trying to substitute eggs/sugar/flour/oil etc. hahaha good thing my comp samples and makes sure they taste good #teamwork 

and Chilean breakfast=avacado toast? my faveee and we drink so much herbal tea yes

probz the best meal I had since being here in Kosove, yum (couscous&grilled veggies, and the brown sauce is the same stuff they put on spaetzle in Deutschland!) 

and been cooking so sorry, gonna pull an Isaac and send you food pics because yum and btw these curry-flavored noodles and veggies reminded me of something my Russian host mom would make me #CafeLarisa ;) 
our kitchen counter looks like a Word of Wisdom pamphlet ;) ah eating clean these days, feel soo much better.. I feel like myself again ;) ya it was cool to try (more than try..) all the Kosovo carbs and candy but so ready to stick with veggies 24/7 again, esp. when they have such great produce around here! 

pranvera është këtu më në fund shyqyr sa bukur

Hey guys! (not in the mtc anymore so I can say that lol.)
Just another incredible week here in Kosovë! 
And not a lot of time to talk about some miracles that happened because spent the day in Prizren! (Look it up and you'll be fascinated at all the Muslim fun facts i.e. as many mosques as church buildings in Utah) It is gorgeous and I'm a little disappointed missionaries were taken out of there a while back because I would love to serve there.

It's been beautiful out, which means everyone is outside and when the weather's perfect people are happier and more open-minded when it comes to religious discussion.. ya there's def. a correlation there. 

So besides falling in love with Kosovo some more, we had some great lessons and new investigators! Conference was great.. wish I could say I understand krejt but I loved it and can't wait to re-read those talks. We're so lucky to have these inspired leaders right? Keepin' us up-to-date (aka reminding us that God's laws are constant) and just reminding us what our priorities are/should be! And I loved motab.. I've gained a deep love for hymns since bein out here and that's what I jam out to. When they sang "Come unto Jesus", my fave hymn, def. a highlight and I love "consider the lilies", reminds me of when you would have it playing Sunday mornings dad!

Aw man wish I could detail cool experiences I had but outta time so I'll write you a handwritten letter sometime this week if I can find a second. 
I love you all lots! Really, thanks for everything. Kalofsit bukur edhe mos harroni sa Dashuri Perëndia ka per ju.. për ne. Ju duam shumë Zemrat.

<3 Motra Rajlli :) 
here's some from the past couple wks
~nene Z saying bye to Prishtine
~"pregnant pics" w sis. Davis hahah before driving down to Tirane to pick up our babies (trainees)! 

at least he's in church right? stumbled in for conference and completely passed out/hungover.... actually he was a referral (roma street musician) we gave to the elders... they said an earlier lesson with him when he was sober went great but idk if they're still meeting w him after this.. took a little effort to get him out of the church once conf. was over.. he was completely sprawled out on the floor.. our RS's bf (investigator) came.. 1st time in church, we made sure to explain to him that usually everyone is coherent and sitting up lol 

here's some more of my babe of a comp for Isaac ;) 
we both love trading/sharing clothes, it's the best.. free shopping ;)

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