Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 23 - Transfer 3 - New companion

 on the way to Serbia ;)
<3 <3
 w my baby! (even though in real life she's a lot older than me)
 i LOVE her :) 
hehe we both like pictures srry.. (esp at cute-and surprsingly cheap-cafes downtown!)
goin home to Prishtine! made some awesome contacts on that long (&scenic!!) bus ride btw, #potentials?

Rachel and mom (&Isaac) write to her! In Spanish :)  
like my spirit gear?! ;) you have no idea how hard it is for me not to spend every penny I have at the treg haha


 got her a Shqip-Spanisht fjalorth whew  
soup bc it's colddd again i.e. snowing today!

gezuar dita e pashkes!
Happy Easter! Take a moment to think about what this holiday really means. I still don't think I fully comprehend what all the atonement encompasses... but I do know that because of the atonement we have hope and joy and purpose in our lives that we definitely wouldn't have otherwise, and I love the emphasis on Christ's resurrection to pave the way for us, because what a comfort to realize that death is not the end.

I was gone for more than half of this past week (Tirana and Gjakova... Tirana is amazing and HOT and so fun to see some of the other missionaries etc., and went tracting for the 1st time in Gjakova) but we've made up for being away, and my trainee and I have been tearing it up here in Prishtine. I absolutely love it. Motra (or should I say, Hermana) Ariza is fresh outta the mtc and so ready to go, and I still have some greenie fire left in me ;) we just want to talk to everyone and try new ideas and make every second count and not waste any of this precious mission time.. the Lord's time. So yeah, my new comp./trainee is absolutely amazing. She is from Chile (!!) so I'ma learn some espanol this transfer? ;) (and also de-bunking a lot of South America stereotypes i.e. she hates spicy food and thinks beans are like dog food and it's super cold and snowy over there) and she has the coolest stories and just loves to work hard and have fun and I am loving serving with her! :) And wow, we've seen miracles in the past few days we've been together. I.e. yesterday, got two investigators on baptismal date (!).

We both want to take full advantage of p-days aka explore Kosovo. So today we went to Serbia!!! Jk we went to Graqinca, a 90% Serbian town just 20 min away but they only speak Serbian (not English or Spanish or German or even ALBANIAN) so it was crazy and def. felt like we were in a foreign country! We visited a beautiful monastery (Serbia Orthodox?) and gave the cute old lady working there a #sepseAijeton card because we Christians too!

If you need a good chapter in the Book of Mormon to read, flip back to 2 Nephi chapter 2. It's one of my faves. :) (We shared it with some Muslim English students-turned-investigators and they loved it which we weren't really expecting!)

I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's plan for us to have the chance to learn and grow here on earth and one day return to live with him, and of course Christ's atonement is central to everything about this plan, so this time of year I am especially grateful for Christ's suffering on the cross for us so we can be forgiven of our sins.
Ju Dua! KLM <3
<3 me shume dashuni,

Motra Rajlli :)

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