Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 7 - MTC

mirë mëngjes

heyyyy whatsup, once again up bright and early to do some laundry/email because p-day and my companion likes to get up at 4:30 am!!! 

ah thanks soo much for the temple photobook, I LOVE it! Rhyming and everything? So cute :) Also brings back so many fun memories. You are the BEST thanks! (Also I saved some presents for christmas ha just opened a couple early since moving to a new dorm for my last wk here so deciding what to pack). 

oh some highlights from this past wk:

-got to host new missionaries yesterday aw I remember when I was new ;)
-had cectra Barch as our temp. comp. since she's solo, she's goin to Macedonia a week after us!
-BYU MEN'S CHOIR sang to us for devotional Sunday night, they were so great!! Did some entertaining international christmas songs i.e. traditional African & New Zealand (they all did the haka!) 
-Tuesday devo a Swedish couple (general authority & wife) spoke to us, I was excited b/c I loove Stockholm
-still singing alto in the MTC choir 
-sang "nat e qet" (silent night in Albanian) with the district in sac. mtg. 
-still teaching our investigators and skyping natives and really enjoying speaking Shqip 
-still like the MTC a lot but getting soo readyy to gooo... in a WEEK! (& 1/2.) Travel plans today yee

Love ya fam! Stay tuned for some pics later! 

Motra Rajlli :) <3  

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