Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 7 - MTC photos

 us again

 twins are so cool 
motra white, my lil Binjak! (binjak=twin btwz) also our comps were matching 
 lots of our zone at temple walk
 & the ones with our arms up is us trying to do a basketball pose haha since we have a reputation for playing aggressively (prisonball? lol MTC is comparable) 

vellai najt left to go home to TX for Christmas so here's us saying bye to him and we gave him Christmas presents (re-gifted candy & random stuff from packages i.e. whoopee cushion and harmonica)
hahah oops you can hardly see him in these. but we love our teachers!!! 
 thanksgiving dinner haha & thanksgiving night lights
ok here's oldies from my comp's cam & here's our faces morphed together (her camera's fun) 

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