Monday, December 15, 2014

Week 6 - MTC

oh hey fun fact starting today/now we are tryna only speak Shqip! Shume veshtir por qejf :)  
 here's pics of your Hungarian penpal & his shok. He's an awesome district leader to us Motras and his testimonies (in a thick accent but very good English) are very inspiring
 & these are with Elder Baltimore, from our FWB stake! He just left to Nicaragua, we left Florida/ reported on the same day 

 Elder Medvecski loves his stocking! "Your mother is so kind", he says..."she is my missionary mom". 
& Nativiti since you like my stick ppl drawings lol. Don't be fooled! This was after hours of conjugating verbs & memorizing prepositions. 
 & I love my stocking :) lil taste of home/christmas & of course just fun to decorate/be festivee 

Distrikti i dashur!! 

më shumë për këtë  

Përshëndetje Prinderit, Çkemi! 
Haha tbh the subject of this email is just the number sixteen written out but thought it looked cool! (Oh and fyi, last week's subject, I spelled wrong so the correct word is gjysmë, or gjysëm which means half bc halfway mark at the MTC.)

Hmm nothin' too crazy this past week here at the Missionary Training Center! Just another week in paradise...... haha seems like ever since I hit my 6-wk mark I've been gettin more & more eager to go to Shqiperia already but most ppl are like that their second day here so I'm glad I still really like it here for the most part! And even though I'm starting to feel pretty comfortable with the language, I still have a lottt to learn and I'm sure day 1 in Tirana will be a rude awakening! 

Por Shqip është shumë qejf, më pëlqen. Edhe Motrat she Elder janë mirë she Ushqim nuk shumë keq është. Edhe Krishtlindjen (edhe Ditëlindjen për mua)!! Ne do të kemi një shumë mirë ditë. <3 
(Gonna take a break and send a buncha pics, as usual, and then finish this update.)

And ps I already told ya mom, but THANKS SO MUCH for the Christmas package, suuch a fun surprise made my week. and all the cards/decor?! I (and so many others i.e. district) love all the fun stuff you send! and I love all the cards from each fam. member<3 thanks!!!!!!!  <3 <3  <3 loove and of course have 'em all hanging on my wall. And The notes and dried fruit from the Asmuses?! So sweet thanks so much :) <3 Love you all! And shoutout to my new penpals, aka the Niceville ward activity day girls! ;) And the missionary memes haha?! SUCH a hit, hung 'em up on our residence door and we're right by the bathroom so we always have sisters admiring them on their way out. 

Oh, devo this past Tuesday was soo wonderful! Pres. & Sis. Zwick spoke to us and they were both just really good speakers and pretty blunt about the importance of obedience, staying away from danger (when it's in our control) etc. and obeying even when we can't understand why it's important. Good stuff for us missionaries headed out soon! And we had a guest performer: 12-yo Lexie Walker, have you heard of her? She's famous and recently sang in Carnegie Hall and for Pres. Obama etc. and she's tiny but has this amazing voice and she sang us I am a Child of God, O Holy Night, and I know that my Redeemer lives. She is soo talented and cute and her accompanist on piano was soo talented so it was just a really great surprise and so cool to have them perform! 

Last Friday evening there was a fancy Christmas dinner for all the branch presidents and their wives, and the choir came in at the end from different doors and surrounded the tables and joined the guest institute choir and sang Silent Night (aber nicht auf Deutsch) so that was fun, and Christmasy. <3 
Ju dua!!
Motra Rajlli xoxoxo 

  thanks soo much for finishing up my Russia photobook, and sending me a copy! it was soo fun to look at and relive so many fun memories and made me miss Russia but also get really excited for Albania. If its quick and easy for you can you plz send (email?) some Estonia pics to show my friends in my zone headed there?? They wanna see.

Love you!  Madi

Here's a clip of Lexi Walker, the amazing 12-year-old singer who sang at the MTC last week-

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