Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 78 - me një lule s'vjen behari

shower us with little gifts and huge flower bouquets and are so eager to pray and share passages from what they've read 

amazing family <3

they're adorable! and love having their picture taken :) 

our district! +Berat

finally got to serve with Motra Cheshire again :)

Hej! I have a new comp, another Macedonian (from Canada)~ Sister Dow! She's super great! Just switched her out with sis. Maxfield in Tirana today. :)

Another incredible week, packed with so much, which is definitely a blessing. Sometimes feels a little overwhelming with everyone's needs piling up and just not enough time/attention/energy for everyone's concerns but somehow everything works out and the Lord is definitely guiding our work here which I'm sure grateful for because there's no way us mere missionaries could do any of this by ourselves. Our little choir had their first musical number in sacrament mtg. which was sweet (Numero Bekimet, of course! ♪) A lot of our investigators are feeling swamped with personal struggles which can hinder progression towards baptism dates but luckily the scriptures and prayer are the best sources of comfort so we're praying for them to turn closer to God during the trials rather than away from Him. 

We've started teaching some incredible families, right here in Lushnjë. Started off with some roma kids we met on the street when we put out a "Questions for God" box but now we've met in their homes and teaching their parents as well etc. There's a lot more I could say about them but basically we had a huge group for primary yesterday. :) It was amazing having our sacrament hall packed with new faces Sunday morning... every single day we invite new people to come worship with us and it's awesome when they come check it out. Visitors (future investigators ;)) welcome! Also going out to the S family (pics with them), who are soo generous and were super excited to kneel down and pray together, was just a sweet experience, it's those little moments..

Also our YW program here has really been blossoming which is wonderful to see, the newer girls are re-kindling the less-actives' fire. 

I found out that Lushnjë will be closed to sisters after I leave. (We're losing more sisters than we're getting so they have to shut down some areas..for now). Understandably I was sad to hear that (especially since the work here is poppin' and there are soo many women and girls and families with tons of little kids here that just need love, support etc.), but I know President Weidmann's an inspired man and there's definitely reasons bigger than I can see. So I'm just cherishing every second I have out here, and I'm sure our great members will be able to hold their own. And they'll still have some elders so I'm sure they'll be in good hands.
Gotta go, but love you all and wish you the best this upcoming week <33333
<3 Motra Rajlli në Lushnjë

"creative contacting": Plan of Salvation on a huge whiteboard, set up on the boulevard for everyone to see and ask us about 

branch activity

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