Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 79 - çfarë ha goja, tregon boja

<33333 gra të mrekullueshme  

girl on the right is from Norway! maybe Chloe knows her? :) and that's my mission president in the background

Hejjj! Happy p-day. Gëzuar pashket ortodokse! We celebrate Christ's resurrection twice around here, veza të kuqe..

Another wonderful and miracle-filled week, but a slightly disappointing Sunday to top it all off.. it's just unfortunate when friends are so eager to commit and do what's right while discussing and testifying in lessons, but then they either don't come to church or cause problems or lack the drive when it matters most. But that's just kind of how missionary work- and life- is.. the harder you work or the more important something is to you, the more noticeable or devastating when the results aren't what you hoped for.. but you keep on trying and working with them because there are lots of smaller rewards/miracles/tender mercies along the way that are easy to overlook if you're just hung up on all the things that go wrong. Fortunately out here, on the mission it's not too hard to notice those "flecks of gold: since they're all over the place. 

I really feel so blessed to be serving in such a spiritually-rich and prepared place as this. Actually, it just gets better every day. Lushnjë is the promised land! One of the miracles from this past week is a new friend named L, actually a referral from our awesome recent convert, L. Came to German Kurs b/c she was born in Deutschland and we had a powerful lesson about the gospel afterwards and she is just golden. Her dad is very sick, so it is touching and a testimony-builder to me to testify of hope and comfort found through this restored gospel, as well as the joy of eternal families. <3

Also I gave my dying testimony at a zone conference (not dead, still got the greenie fire actually ;)) so that was a slap in the face that this life-changing and testimony-building mission won't always be my life.

Ju dua shumë. Ju puth, dhe mos harroni: Zoti dëgjon, shikon, por kurrë nuk harron. E di se na do dhe na jep gëzim. Thjeshtë duhet të besojmë (dhe veprojmë).
Me dashuri,
Motra Rajlli :)

në xhami!! tryna learn Arabic

didn't have money (end of the month lol and my comp lost her msf card) to make her a cake so we put candles (not fireworks!) in an orange haha gotta celebrate!  

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