Monday, April 18, 2016

Week 77 - kur s'ke gurë, është mirë edhe thekra

one night for street contacting we dressed up the same, but only one missionary from each companionship held a book of Mormon, so we asked passersby to "spot the difference", and it was a great conversation starter 

mists of darkness+great and spacious building(s).. name that vision 

J and L are so great, we had a nice picnic lunch + lesson up by some WW2 graves/ monument   

freshly-squeezed juice ;)))

Hej! Qysh po kaloni? Shpresoj të jeni mirë...
Si gjithmonë, gëzohem shumë këtu se po shërbej dhe mundohem ta ndaj ungjillin me të gjithë.

But I had some things happen this past week that are funny now, in retrospect, but maybe not so much at the time. :)

Walked outside to go street contact and a bird pooped on my face. 

Found out my nice hardback Albanian New Testament is definitely a JW bible (new world translation to be exact, because some of the verses are different.. but it wasn't labeled, sneaky). 

I was in serious pain for a solid hour and we think it was food poisoning from some olives I bought off a street vendor. Anyways, glad that's over.

We met a super nice member on the streets of Tirana today so that was cool, a cute young mom with her 2 little kids in a stroller. A perk of being a missionary is that you're easy to pick out in a crowd

Besides a couple mishaps, had a wonderful week, especially now that the weather's beautiful and the streets are packed with people to talk and testify to. Sister Maxfield and I have had many great gospel discussions, which is both thought-provoking and mind- blowing, especially delving a little deeper into the Plan of Salvation. While it can be beneficial to speculate and wonder, I am glad that I recognize that here in this life, we'll never know all the answers because that would defeat the purpose of faith and being tested etc; essential aspects of this mortal state!. But it's wonderful that there is so much to learn and understand, and the scriptures are just packed with answers and truth. 

Also my comp. and I joke that she's Moses and I'm Aaron since I'm her translator. :)

Wish you all the best this week! <3 <3 Ju përafojj
Me dashuri të madhe, Motra Rajlli  


free-range llamas haha

Tirana zoo was a little depressing (caught a ride te Kryeqyteti with the elders who were headed up there) 

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