Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 13 - Kosovo

We received our first letter mailed from Albania!  Very exciting. Now we are waiting to see if her letter mailed in Kosovo will arrive...

hehe love these sister missionary cards thx mom and rach (old but found them while looking for my camera charger which, btw I FOUND yay so brace yourself for the usual 500 pics every week..I feel like I haven't taken many here, too busy WORKIN srry) 

interesting power lines
(got the idea for these pics from Cectra Wedekind tbh)...  "don't jump!" 
KOSOVO is always in style ;)

Hey guys, 
this past week was pretty typical for the most part: Lots of studying and hours of street contacting and meeting all kinds of people and having some really interesting conversations and setting up lessons that get cancelled and being so exhausted every single night and then getting up at 6:30am and doing it all over again the next day. 
But there were some out-of-the-ordinary events too! 

We had a baptism Saturday evening! It was beautiful! I couldn't stop smiling ha. We don't have a font but we do have a big tub that we use! Pretty cool. I gave a talk (again)! I think it went really well. (I also I think I have a super strong American accent that I can't wait to get rid of..)

There's been a little political unrest over here... have y'all heard anything about what's going on here? ... Obviously we were instructed to keep a low profile so we spent most of the weekend inside the church! I wrote y'all again, actually :) perks of being "grounded" all weekend ha. Also now I can play more hymns yay. But don't worry because we are fine and luckily people tend to love Americans here but if not, I've been told I look pretty Albanian/Kosovar! Thx Italian ancestors. But yeah, stay tuned for any crazy news about the situation here... hopefully it's not Ukraine all over again. So yeah that's probz the most exciting news of the week!! 

I really do love it here and already I've met so many incredible people over here. It's been rough not having any progressing investigators, but my comp. and I feel really good about this upcoming week, and I'm sure our hard work will pay off. 
JU DUA <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

Motra Rajlli ;) 

creepy? I spy Elders

hah just goofin off with these mustache post-its (I always make sure to snap some pics before heading out the door on P-day...) 
we figured out how to get rid of all the creeps: facial hairrr

the "Wild & Ferocious" sign is for MTC branch President Hutchings! 

day-trip to Pisa (jk)

this is our branch meetinghouse here in Prishtine! Jk, it's obvs a cathedral, there was a cool art exhibit; sketches of Albania by an Austrian photographer! The bell tower was locked :/ (P-day)
tribute to Nene Tereza! (& hi zone leaders)  /  here's an action shot for the blog haha!  (a member of the branch took this photo of Madi at church, plus the 3 photos below of crowds gathering downtown)

for service we baked 23845907823 cookies for members here   /   my compp <3  

super fancy nice restaurant for lunch but not even expen$ive woo :)

Oh great, another one... (can't wait to watch the 1st one again after the mish and understand the Albanian!)

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