Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 11 - Photos from Kosovo

 the zuster riley pose is my fave  
 like my touristy kosovo shall (scarf) ? ;)

 these might be weird haha just snapped some pics on my way out the door one day!
haha here's me bundled up for some kontakt ne rruge

 new year's tree... NOT a Christmas tree 

snooooow! *******

more snow*****
 I love my trainer :) made her take pics w/ me since we don't have many! (y'all read her blog right?) 
more w/ my comp <3

idk if you can tell but we got deformed kiwis, like 3 or 4 morphed together haha they tasted good! aw they just look like potatoes hahah.. but they're not 

 aaand when we're not working as hard as we possibly can, my comp. is a singing potato ;) 

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