Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 14 - Kosovo


Luft apo jo?!

Hey! Wow this week was CRAZY and long and so much happened dang but also I would have to say, the best week here in Kosovo so far, all in all. <3 

I heard Prishtina made the news, with the protests and errthing? Things got pretty crazy here on Tuesday. We stayed in our apt. all afternoon, and there were people fighting police just down the street from us... we could see (and hear) crowds of people running and screaming right outside our window, but we couldn't see what was going on, all we could see was people watching something... later we heard that çuns/protesters were throwing rocks and bricks and trash cans lit on fire at the riot police... there was tear gas and broken windows in government buildings and 40 hospitalized policemen, but nothing worse than serious injury and disrespect (aka no one died). Actually, a member was badly injured (according to some he was innocently walking past and the police just attacked him..but idk if he was more involved) and his head and back and leg were in pretty bad shape, and for a couple days there were police waiting outside his hospital room but they left, and actually we went with some other members and missionaries to visit him yesterday in the hospital and he seemed to be doing well. 

That evening we were talking to the Pres. and AP and district and Zone leaders and it looked like we were going to be evacuated (had our bags packed and everything), but we ended up just staying there and the next day we were out contacting as usual (on the same boulevard that the demonstrations took place, actually!) and there was def. something in the air but we've been fine and safe and everything seems to be back to normal...for the time being, at least.

There's another big protest planned for this Wednesday so of course we plan to keep a low profile and stay inside all day.. the latest orders are to stay here in Prishtine I guess! More time to study/master Ghegnisht?! 

Speaking of the language... at church we tried a new method for translating: instead of having someone translate everything live and up-front (sac. mtg. takes twice as long), they asked missionaries to sit by the Americans and just translate one-on-one... we have a bunch of U.S. Army guys, and the branch President's wife doesn't speak Shqip (They are American, he works for the embassy... they have two little kids who are so cute and well-behaved and perfect) and I was already sitting by her so I volunteered to stay there and translate for her, good practice right? I didn't know she planned on bearing her testimony! I def. was not the most qualified Anglisht-Shqip perkthuese in the room but, I stood up with her and did my best and it was actually so fun haha!! And some Kosovars said they could understand me just fine... probz just saying that to be nice haha but still, shyqyr! ;) 

This week we FINALLY had people actually show up for some lessons! And also this week we actually got investigators, not just people who agree to meet with us because we're American! People who are actually interested and kind and felt the spirit and want what we have... wow it was so great and motivates me to not waste any precious study time in the morning because I want to understand and be able to explain this gospel to these people to the best of my ability; gotta do it justice, ya know? <3

Had a lesson w/ our new investigator who is awesome and loving; party animal in her late 20s. She wants to get baptized and make changes in her life, just wants to see a baptism for herself first, and meet with us more/ make sure she understands what she's getting herself into. Great!
Ah outta time but I love youuu! 
Me Dashuri te madhe,
Motra Rajlli :) <3 

 I have a lot of pics for you this week btw :)    
 Christmas numba twoo! Motra Zollinger got her package finally, and lucky for me it was late b/c I got the little stocking and presents that were meant for her last comp. ;) 
AND at zone conf. we got mail brought up from Tirana and I wasn't expecting any but I got all these DearElders (thx mom!!) & letters from a month ago/forwarded from the mtc and it was just such a fun surprise and perfect timing :) <3 
and I got letter B (not A yet)! thanks soo much for mail <3 <3 <3 <3  

shoutout to RACHEL for these socks and scarf ordered from China aw thanks for these birthday presents :) <3  
 okay these "what do you believe in?" pics are my FAVE. took a lot bc glare on the sign from the sun but hope you can still read it.  
  lots of out-and-about comp pics for ya this wk :)
rachel ordered me this scarf! Riley girls have good taste ;)
funny photo-bombing elders!

 we love our bakery, RIGHT next to the church! (do I look different? hair parted in the middle and no makeup haha missionary or nun?)  

 and two of the elders MADE this Settlers of Catan... impressive right?? so fun to play at lunch and p-day (today)... one of the Elders is "dying" (last transfer) so he said it's a distraction from getting more trunky

 binjaks ;) ;)  
  for some reason it's really hard for us to get a pic of both of us just smiling and looking normal... nuk e di ?? lol  
 heheh I love my comp. so much I made her the background for the church comp. pretty eyes right?  

  we like Kosovo and food and p-days :)  
this is district leader Elder Rasband! /  I love uje me gas! ("sprudel" heisst es in Deutschland... hab' ganz oft in der Grundschule getrunken, deswegen gefaellt's mir, denk' ich)  (same mineral water Madi drank in elementary school in Germany)
 waiting for the ZLs to pick us up for the drive to district mtg. in Gjakova  (even Rachel had to admit that Madi looks like Eliza in this pic)
  on the way to Gjakova!  

 look, America and Kosovo (and Albania) are friends :)  
 tried snapping pics of the Kosovo countryside on our way to zone conf. in Gjakova but we were going so fast idk if they turned out ha 

 Baklava! Honestly it makes me sick to think about how sweet and drenched in syrup it was haha but so fun to try! 

 I don't really look like a sister missionary in this beanie but I think it's funny that people wear English words with no idea what they mean. (These aren't members: the younger one is an English student, and one is the sister of a member and always hangs around the church & missionaries) ("safe" to post ha) 
 these two again!

like this pic?!?! (taken on our long walk to the hospital to visit a branch member who was injured at the protests)  I think it's a sweet pic myself :) it's Elder Jorgenson! He is hilarious hahaha

 proof that I wrote ya all some quality letters, and gonna try sending them from here in Kosove so fingers crossed!

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