Friday, December 25, 2015

Week 60 - Christmas in Lushnje

wrapped up clothes/ jewelry/ markers etc. that I don't need to give this family some presents to open :) making it very clear that the church didn't spend money because we gotta be soo careful about problems with that kinda stuff $$ it's really hard to not just buy the kids toys because they are so cute and sweet and have nothinggg but they never ask or complain  

these kids <3 <3   

they are awesomee and gave me this cloth for a b-day present!! I'ma take it to a rrobaqepsi and I'll keep you posted with what happens with it ha 
wrapped in the cloth E gave me for my bday 

exchange w sis Johannsen! 

best missionary Christmas ever: lay in bed haha can't tell you howw exhausted we were whew muuch-needed break  
got to relax for the first time in 15 monthssss aka sleep in til 7:40 (until 8 was allowed.. latest I've ever woken up on Christmas lol) and then chill and not exercise or get ready and read scriptures but watch "it's a wonderful life" (classic!) and "best 2 years" (even funnier watching that one as a missionary hah..) 

and my cute comp. made me breakfast in bed for my bday-- chia seed, banana pancakes w. crunchy pb and fresh strawberries.. 

bought eachother stocking stuffers, wrapped in old Liahonas  

our district, Lushnje/Berat! 

looove my comp!  

upgrade from your average jumping pic.. 
haha there's a lottt more flying pics so I'll just send you a sample :) 
Christmas Eve!! and last week with Motra Eliason aw!  


Hej! Aw soo great skyping just now! CONGRATS ISAACandSandra <3 ich bin so gluecklich fuer euch, dass ihr bald geheiratet wird..!! <3 also HAPPY BIRTHDAY Eliza ;) wow we're 21 when'd that happen and Merry Christmas to the rest of youu!!

Wow, lots has happened considering it's been almost 2 wks since last time I wrote! Basically every day's been packed with what I refer to as Christmas miracles, and I am just loving this transfer and Lushnje!!

Branch Christmas party was great, I helped the primary kids put together a little nativity production, and I got to play trumpet!! (borrowed a rusty, OLD, dented horn from some guy who works by the church and the 3rd valve was completely stuck but I was still able to play a little intro to "nat e qet" (silent night) so I was just excited (and relieved!) that I can still play a little ;) and popullore dancing with the whole branch! Those moments, as well as baptisms and powerful lessons, are just sheer joy. :)
And yesterday morning, I told you about, the little service project with roma kids and their families who we cleaned out our closets for to give them some hand-me-downs for Christmas, that was amazing and the lesson we had there at the elementary school (this was arranged by one of our members, whose sister teaches there) was so sweet and just full-fledged spirit of Christmas, because spirit of Giving.

Had a "nene-split" with these two awesome, hilarious and cute older members.. took them out to our "sermon on the mount" village, and they were a little confused about how to use seat-belts but reminded each-other it was just like the airplane, when they flew to Germany a couple years ago to go to the temple. Oh and speaking of Gungas.. sad actually, because we dropped them all until they come to church, then we'll see about meeting with and baptizing them. They just have to do their part because there's only so much we can do.. the desire's got to be there and faith strong enough to make sacrifices and prioritize. 

My comp. had lost her hard-drive (with tonss of awesome Christmas music, might I add) a few weeks ago but we got it back the day before Christmas eve! In the closet of one of our little English students, wrapped in one of her little brothers' t-shirts... long story short, we just went along with her reasoning and said, "let's see if it accidentally fell into your bag the other day" and turns out it had!

So much else has happened but all I can think is Christmas! so, let me just wrap up saying I LOVE YOU and thanks for all the love and support and I'm so grateful for the gospel and comfort and guidance it gives me! Especially for our Savior, Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate this time of year.
JU PUTH FORT :* (watch out might be weird on google translate but it's normal here)
Me shuume dashuri shume te madhe, Motra Madison Rajlli :) xoxoxoxo

shoutout to dad thanks soo much for the awesome package from Kuwait..!

bebe ft. nene 

suuch a cute mom and baby! (members <3) 

our nene split, haha we had a blast and also packed in some powerful lessons in half the time! 

Lushnje <3  

I spy Eliza- long hair and soccer! 

our cute Christmas party at T's! the aweesome recent convert. With the Berat sisters <3 and straight popullore dancing for an hour, u kenaqa shume and best compliment of my mission- the Albanians said if I go to a dasem people would think I'm Shqiptare fare, aka I've finally learned their dancing;) it's in my blood ha considering my parents met at a folk dance party right? 
cute little party, T had made us cookies and Sis. E made hot cocoa.. the rest of us danced :)

hahah this calendar had a picture of a xhami so we stuck the Frankfurt temple on there instead ;)

postcard wall is up again. wanna have your handwriting hanging up on someone's wall in Albania? send me one :)

no p-day was a little exhausting... btw Motra Illajesen is suuch a hard worker so don't be fooled by napping pics 

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