Sunday, December 20, 2015

Week 59 - Lavdi' Per'ndise lart ne Qiellll

Sibora's baptism <3 <3 
L, our recent convert, was able to baptize his daughter yesterday before church! it was amazing <3 (she's just wearing an Elder's jacket since she was freeezing) 
<3 she is soo cute and we wrote her a little song about baptism/holy ghost (to the tune of "happy birthday") and she loves it and sings it loud and proud.. she's actually 11 yrs old but tiny and in 3rd grade and so sweet and has really blossomed since we first met her (influence of the holy ghost/ blessings of the gospel..!) 

this awesome member knitted me this cool vest!! (jelek).. e lumshen duart fare <3 

Hej! :) Gezuar Krishtlindjet etj.. glad to see you all wore some cool sweaters, me duket si puna ime e perditshme, kohet e fundit.. ;) 

The other day was cool. Driving out to a lesson on a bumpy dirt road between fields and flocks of sheep (going to meet with A, the one whose house is honestly way out in the middle of nowhere), sister E realized that the gas light was on and our tank was on empty.. we remembered having seen a gas station farther down so we kept going and made it there, but turns out it was the remains of what was once a gas station, converted into a lokal (bar/cafe). We told the lady working there about our problem and she immediately whipped out her phone and called up a friend for some help. We seized the opportunity and invited her to watch the Christmas vid NjeShpetimtarKaLindur along with her cute little son, and some xhaxhis in the corner declined our invite but then were craning their necks to watch while it played.. we had just finished testifying of what it means to us to have a savior when her friend rolled up on his little motorcycle, carrying 3 old fanta bottles filled with benzin which he poured into our makin while we set up a return appointment with A (tomorrow afternoon! And diff. A- confusing with just 1st letters sorry).

Last night we had a blast caroling with our whole district in Berat. Reminded me of Prishtina becasue 1. beautiful downtown/shesh, 2. super cold, and 3. tons of educated, open-minded people to talk to. It was especially powerful singing "Angels we have heard on high" as missionaries out there, because as President Weidmann reminds us, we're comparable to the angels mentioned in the scriptures; proclaiming these glad tidings of great joy! 

JU DUA SHUUME, especially this time of year, I have to admit I think about my fam more around Christmastime (not in a trunky way no worries ha), and I don't know what I did to get you as my parents and siblings but honestly I'm just feeling extremely blessed and so grateful for all of you and I loove youu allll <3 Froehliche Weihnachten!

Motra Rajlli <3 :)

PS don't be alarmed if you don't hear from me for a while.. we won't have p-day next week because of Christmas but, I will think of you when funny/ interesting stuff happens and tell you face-to-face soon ;)

caroling in Berat! soo fun just singing/ testifying/ getting #s and it is beautiful there btw..... 
our district minus the other sisters! plus a future investigator.. 

so great to have lessons with former-investigators in Durres

got to see these sweet ladies back in Durres.. powerful lesson testifying about Christ even though they're still Muslim 

took this cute &feisty nene to some lessons, her first time helpin the missionaries and it was awesome!
flashback to last transfer.. weird walking around Durres not sweaty

branch president's wife fed us some lentils (in meat juice) when we stopped by for a lesson and happened to be starving

and Lushnje got some Christmas lights.. who needs TempleSquare


From Madi's comp's update:

We had the cutest baptism this week! Little S got baptized by her dad who was just baptized a few weeks ago. She was adorable. The poor thing was so cold though because the water in the font was freezing. But when she got the Holy Ghost in Sacrament Meeting, she blew kisses to everyone and was all smiles.  

We had a crazy/typical missionary experience on Saturday morning. As I was driving to a village for a lesson, I look at the gas level and realize we are dangerously low and the gas light is on. We are in the middle of nowhere and realize we are in a slight dilemma. We remembered there was a gas station coming up so we go there, but it was an empty gas station with no gas... -_- haha So we asked a nice lady who worked there for help and she called a man to come bring us some. As we were waiting, we had a lesson with her in her cafe and showed her the Christmas video. It was so cool! And then the gas guy came with three soda bottles filled with liquid that smelled like gas and dumped it into our car. It was pretty sketchy, but we didn't really have any other option because we were in the middle of nowhere Albania. We go on our way and the gas light doesn't go off so we left our car at the bottom of a huge rocky hill that we think wouldn't make it up. Then we trek up the hill to our lesson and have a really cool lesson about baptism. As we left the lesson in the car, the gas light goes off and all was well. But it was quite the experience!

On Sunday night the Elders and us drive to Berat to do Christmas Caroling contacting and it was SO awesome! We met up with the missionaries and members there and sang Albanian hymns for about 2 hours. The people loved it! By the end of the night, I couldn't feel my toes or fingers but my heart was full with the Christmas spirit! :D

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