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Week 19 - Kosovo

Motras and Cectpas at Zone Conf 
I love these little gypsy drummer boys :) ignore me creepin' in the back
we're actually friends with the one in the blue hood, he's so cool! and their singing and drumming is awesome, almost sounds like yodeling

Nene Z and I celebrated women's day/March 8th with Nene Tereza!
(celebrated=froze and invited people to learn more about the purpose of life)

punë, punë natë e ditë që të shohim pakëz dritë

Heyyy qysh je prinderit elle ndonje miq??
Up bright and EARLY this p-morning because somehow our zone got PAINTBALL approved so yeah, that's happenin' today. :')

Kay this past week? Gonna share some highlights. And gonna describe some people because they're just so cool here and I love that as missionaries we talk to all sorts of people-strangers- from all walks of life, about the deepest feelings of our heart; belief in God etc. every single day here in downtown Prishtina.
*A couple days ago it snowed. A TON. It's recently gotten soo cold again ah but looks pretty! And feels like Christmas. <3 (The only heater in our apt. that works is in our bedroom so we've been staying in there for studies etc. BUT the lights went out in there so we've been planning and stuff with flashlights, it's fun!)
*Zone training with missionaries from Maqedoni, and the other Kosovars: Gjakove and Peja.
*Visit with a member (recent convert), S. She is amazing. Her two young kids are very active but we went over in the evening when they were both asleep so we just got to visit with her for a while, and it was so great, she's amazing wow. Her powerful faith and testimony strengthens mine, she is such an example to me... her little family has nothing when it comes to money and toys (and food, sometimes...) but they are so happy. Living proof that the gospel blesses families and offers so much in terms of hope/comfort/true joy.

*Some interesting encounters ndersa kontakt në rrugë, for example: met a poet, who gave us each a copy of his most recent published book and declined our invite to come to church because he sleeps past noon on Sundays, but he actually did come yesterday and he seems awesome and sounds like he's really searching for the truth and ready. Also on the shesh we met a guy who spoke really good English and wasn't interested in our gospel message but was very interested in the fact that we left so much behind to come talk to people about Christ, and turns out he's a local celebrity we think? Some guy walked straight to me and said, "this girl, I like her," which was weird but turns out he has a Libri i Mormonit so that's good? Talked to an awesome, strong, respectful Muslim who really knew his stuff and read to us from his Arabic Qu'ran (translated some excerpts into Shqip for us) and tbh he reminded me of us missionaries with his heartfelt testimony of what he knows to be true and wanting to share that love of God with others. He was awesome and I have so much respect for anyone that has such strong faith, even if it's a slightly different faith. (still, couldn't help thinking what a strong priesthood-holder he would be!)

*Our English classes are still going strong, and some days they're harder to manage than others (like when we had over 50 people, all ages, in our beginner class!) and I am really impressed at the strong spirit we have at the end when we share our spiritual thoughts.. and not just a feel-good bible verse either, but delving into doctrines i.e. Plan of Salvation. A lot of them won't admit it, but they are pretty interested :)

*Speaking of English classes, our private lessons are going well (we do half-English and half-religion) and the girls in our classes just love us (it's a mutual feeling!) which of course is so nice and such an ego boost hah, when sometimes it feels like a lot of people don't like us Christians and don't try to hide it either.. (but, they LOVE Americans! Shyqyr?)

Well, there is so much more to say because crazy things happen every day over here, but this is long enough :)
I LOVE it here. I've met some amazing people, the work's been picking up, I'm feeling more confident/capable in the language (gegnisht!), and really it is just a good time to be a sister missionary in Prishtinë, Kosovë. :)
Oh also Elders were in Tiranë this past week which means I got MAIL ah thankyou guys soo much. <3 <3 It was like Christmas. (And it snowed! ha)

Love you!!!! Go to the beach & pretend the white sand is snow and you'll feel like you're in Kosovo with me ;)
Me Dashuni, Loqkat!
Motër Rajlli

kush e kesh e vesh ....
Oh one more thing from street contacting, we talk to lots of xhaxhis in the mornings and it seems like they all worked in Deutschland for a few years back in the day so it's fun to practice my German with them/ invite them to church, oh and the other day one xhaxhi had been talking politics to us for an hour when he suddenly stopped and asked us if we were married (Motra Z. told him we had boys back in America... uh, future husband will probz be prej Amerikes so not lying?) and he pulled out a picture of himself back in his college days; "Elvis Presley, yes? Me, Elvis?"... I personally didn't see the resemblance but he was cool and gave me a copy of an essay he had written about Kosovo's future.. not too interested in religion though.

Oh and hand of the Lord in our lives last night? Walking to the shesh to do some finding and drivers here are usually good about respecting crosswalks (but they're still Albanian! do me thene, crazy drivers whew.. but Moter was trained in Tirana so it doesn't phase her and she usually just walks in the middle of the road and stuff) but last night she was crossing a little behind me and a car zipped right past her and afterwards we were just talking about what a close call that was and basically I'm so grateful for her and especially that she didn't get hit!! Ah don't wanna think about that.

Oh and there are tons of loud, dying/birthing cats out in the streets near where we live hah it's the weirdest thing and shyqyr I'm a heavy sleeper!
And this morning, almost got attacked by stray dogs (!!!!!) heading to the church but, after snarling and barking at us they turned and ran away shyqyr!!

Happy International Women's Day 2015 btw!!!

Rrofsh elle Kalofshit bukur!
Motra Rajlli (Madi)
Alma 29:9

Ice-cream weather apo jo!? 
.. it was a long week, Moter needed her chocolate :)

my district gives me such a hard time about making this face for pics hah 
but all the Kosovar girls back me up! (this is E, model/ returning member)

left water boiling too long during weekly planning and this happened oops.. where'd it go!? 

Thai food with Elirda

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