Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 18 - Kosovo

Hey Prinderit/ fam!
Highlight of the week: FIFTEEN new investigators. Wow. Crazy for us and just in general... Moter and I were inspired and pumped up after our interviews with Presidenti Weidmann so that sure helped, and also we've been passing out English course (fala$!=freee) flyers like crazy, and that's where we meet a lot of people. So if things keep looking this good, Prishtine may have a Young Women's program in the near future! For the first time ever :)  Btw... not bragging, just sharing some excitement... Alma 26 backs me up; not boasting in my own strength but in the Lord's... it's only through Him that I can do anything, most especially this Pun Misionare, and if testifying and glorifying God is "boasting", then I'll boast all day ;) (Haha can you tell where I was reading for personal study this morning?)

Playing football with members this week was super fun, we had two investigators come (yay!!), one plays futbol professionally and I accidentally slide-tackled her so hopefully no hard feelings and we can still meet, and the other one is a former Muslim but protestant now and hearing about how she came to believe in Christ was amazing, she's amazing. Really with lessons and teaching and investigators here, we meet such incredible people but it seems to be so hard to align schedules and meet consistently! For example our older lady on baptismal date who we haven't seen in over a week. But then we run into people from past transfers and missionaries who are friendly and eager to resume lessons, so it reminds me that no matter what, we are getting Prishtina more and more ready to accept this gospel, and setting up future misionare for success :)

Like I mentioned last week, I loove it here, mostly because I love the PEOPLE. My awesome/fun/caring/spiritual giant of a trainer, of course, but also these amazing Kosovars. (And the culture etc. is so cool but really the friends I've made and even just random, interesting conversations I've had are my favorite part of my mission, hands down.)
Had a lot more to say (si gjithemmone) but, gotta run, so I'll leave ya with a quote by my boy Martin Luther: (not King, Jr. btw) ~you wanted me to change the world. Did you think there would be no cost?

JU DUA SHUME! Pafshim tung hajt, kalofsit BUKUR. <3
Motra Rajllz :)
 this is G! our new investigator

eldrat jane eldrat apo jo -  elders are taking tips on how to pose for pics.......

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