Sunday, October 26, 2014

bay mish pics

Once again, huge shoutout to for snapping pictures of me in mid-calf-length skirts holding my Libri I Mormonit :)

Adriatic South, I'm comin' for ya 

cheesin' really hard=excitedddd! 

lost these shades (RayBans I got for free) when taking these pics, so posting this=worth it? lol

"lift up your hearts (& face?) and rejoice"~

in honor of my ZUSTER who can't get enough of this pose;)

gotta have a goofy shot


"two weeks" at the time I took this... but as I write this, "TWO DAYS!" 

preachin' to the wooden posts??

"look for a light in the East" (lord of the rings or scripture reference??)





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