Monday, June 6, 2016

Post-mission drive from Macedonia to Slovenia

A morning in Macedonia! We walked around Skopje.

We loved these motherhood statues around the fountain, so we reenacted one in the pic on the left.

Breakfast in Skopje...  love those European bakeries!

Holocaust memorial and statue

Saying good-bye to the Macedonian missionaries (the 2 sisters were comps of Madi's for a few weeks each). 

Statue of Alexander the Great -- he is from Skopje

Plaque commemorating the birthplace of Mother Teresa; she was of Albanian ethnicity, born in Macedonia, and raised in Kosovo. All 3 countries "claim" her!

Life is full of choices...  should we go towards Athens or towards Sofia, Bulgaria?  

Entering Serbia

Thinking of Eliza!

An evening in Belgrade

We turned in our rental car in Ljubljana, then explored the city in pairs (so one of us could sit at the train station, reading while watching our 3 huge suitcases) until we boarded the night train at 9 p.m.

Beautiful city!!

The dragon bridge (took this photo for you, Pete Treu)

Rain didn't stop us...  it just cleared out the crowds and we had the town to ourselves!
When we bought tickets for our night train, no 3-bed rooms were available, so we bought berths in a 6-bed room. When we boarded the train with 3 large suitcases and several bags of food and books, we saw 3 sleeping people in the lower 3 bunks in our tiny room and no where to put our luggage. Others were sleeping scrunched up with a suitcase at the foot of the bed. So instead of us all 3 being uncomfortable sleeping with our luggage all night, we put all of our luggage on one bed, then shared the other 2 tiny top bunks between the 3 of us. (not as comfortable as the other night train, especially with the loud snoring and coughing of our roommates)  But all is well that ends well and we made it to Switzerland.

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