Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 73 - gëzuar ditën e shen Patrikut

tabling, 1st time ever actually, definitely worthwhile. met a member I'd never seen before and had lots of intriguing (and brief) conversations about Christ and his resurrection 

these guys are so great. we'll hand them over to the elders since they're the only ones in their huge family that come to church, but they're actually working towards baptism in April, and reading tons every day 

and some great members :)

Elbasan, and çerm 

Elbasan, these girls are amazing! <3 <3 

those are his shades  
these people are so great. Did some service out in their fields, and we were rewarded- they came to church!  

Albanians don't celebrate St. Patrick's day but shoutout to the Irish ancestors ;) wore and ate green and handed out pass-along cards for the easter initiative to celebrate. :)  Last Monday I was in Elbasan for an exchange (w/ sister White from my mtc group, she's so great). They're known for their summer day celebrations and ballakuma (cookies with everything I hate lol- fresh eggs, tons of butter, white sugar, white flour). In the evening, one of our lessons wasn't answering so we climbed up on the wall surrounding the person's house and called out the lady's name but turns out it was her next-door neighbor, who was super friendly and invited us in so we had a cool lesson with her and her family. My stomach was a little upset..  I was up all night throwing up ew but luckily I felt fine the next day. It's the worst, feeling sick on a mission because you feel soo lazy and wasting time if you rest to get better etc. anyways speaking of not 100% health I got this suuper bad cough too the past week so I sounded like an 80-year old xhaxhi who smoked duhan his whole life but luckily that's going away as well. Good thing there are plenty of herbel remedies and teas the nënës promise will do the trick! Sorry, I've been in Albania too long, complaining about health problems.. moving on to the good stuff, aka punë misionare :)...

Amazing Sunday yesterday. Lots of friends coming to church, and even bringing their friends. Two amazing girls getting baptized this week!!!!! Both were super prepared for their interviews, and they'll actually be getting baptized together, on Friday! L got parental permission, to be baptized as well as to not mention it to the disapproving older brother, and J, who I sent the pics with last week! They are both super sweet and smart and golden! We've also had a bunch of former friends pop back up, and that is def. a perk of staying in an area for a while, seeing people come back when the time is right and they're ready this time around... 

Also it's been great with this Easter initiative to just cut to the chase and discuss Christ with everyone we see. We played futbol with some of our zone today which was so fun and it looks like I'm wearing purple tights from bruises on my knees/shins haha. But nothin like a little p-day  physical activity to prepare for a week of preachin the gospel. 

I am so grateful to be serving here, at this time, so blessed and especially this past week with the incredible friends we've been meeting with who are so willing to keep commitments and just soak up the messages of the restored gospel. I know these things I'm testifying to strangers about on the streets every day are true.. let's be honest, if I wasn't convinced of their truthfulness I wouldn't be out here right now. D&C 28:16, and 29:4
Ju dua shumë <33
Motra Rajlli :)

Motra Peters is down to her last week! 

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