Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 70 - gënjeshtra i ka këmba të shkurtra

Hej Prindërit si jeni?? 

Another great week here in the Adriatic South! 
We actually have a great teaching pool right now.. I am so grateful to be blessed with awesome friends to teach/ work with. Been fasting and praying extra hard lately for at least one to make it to baptism. It's a little heart-breaking when someone makes it so far~ recognize a change after learning about the gospel and want to become better and receive all the blessings, but for whatever reason they are unable to be baptized and receive the Holy Ghost. But at least they're left much better than we found them, for the time being. 

Anyways, progressing friends...
Remember that new big family I mentioned last week? Lives out in a fshat, not too wealthy..? Well me met the older teenage son, who works as a shepherd, and he is amazing. Came to church and showed us what he'd read from the Book of Mormon- up through Jacob 5, and loved church and afterwards double-checked if we have church next week, and every week.. we sure do! The parents and other siblings are super nice and learning well as well, but this guy is prioritizing the gospel and it is so refreshing to see his commitment and desire. 

We had a great turnout for our little branch choir! Might've helped that President Weidmann was there that week too.  

The other day we carpooled to a village with the elders to save gas/money/the planet and the returning member family we were meeting with invited us to stay for lunch, of course we agreed, but the parents left to do some farmwork right before the elders showed up so it was just the teenage daughter.. so we ate the nice lunch she'd prepared, outside on the porch steps. Bibla e bardhe! 

ALso one of our recent converts is amazing help (and also just hilarious and so fun to take along for lessons) with one of our progressing friends because they both have sons in prison and find peace in the scriptures from the stresses associated with that. 

My comp. Motra Piterz is great, I love Lushnje, and I love this wonderful opportunity to serve and share the gospel out here. 

Also, today-p day yay- we went to Berat and explored some nearby communist caves with Tirana elders and the ones here and also went up to the castle, hence the sweet pics. Nuk ka si Shqipëria...! And driving home in the fergon, chatting with nice elderly couples sitting by me about their kids and grandkids and gospel blesses families and how they met with shkesë (arranged marriage back in the day) but are still so happy together now, and inviting them to church and getting invited to their houses for homemade spinach byrek and fasule. These people are so friendly and kind, I love it. <3 
Love you, wish you all the best this upcoming week! 
<3 Madi 


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