Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 65 - pyet 100 vet, bëj si do vet

5/6 of us (MTC sisters together).. shoutout to Motra Cheshire in Prishtina who was with us in spirit :)

Sibora! she has been improving soo much wow, everytime we go over, or in church, she is just happy and chatty and so much personality, it's adorable :) 

ç'kemi, si dukeni?
Gëzuar Ditëlindjen RACHEL edhe 100 wow 18..... you're all grown up! Feel old? Don't :)

Some out-of-order, random things that you might enjoy hearing about from my past week:

Lesson with the wonderful J fam yesterday evening, they are doing great by the way. Making big sacrifices to be in church every single week, and reading daily, thus growing and learning lots... we saw some new pet bunnies (#Sophie) hopping around the backyard but one apparently got sick so they put it out of its misery and cooked it up in some stew so halfway through our lesson little 6yo A walked in from the other room looking for something to eat, reached his hand in the big pot and fished out a rabbit's leg and stood there gnawing on it with the foot hanging out of his mouth while we kept reading.

Also we've jumped at any service opportunity, especially when we we show up for a lesson and are answered with the excuse, "too busy, too much housework, come back tomorrow" etc. so we've been insisting on helping out and thus saving them time so they can still afford a lesson. We helped with some housework- folding laundry etc, in a greenhouse with tomato plants, and rolled some pizza dough for a member who owns a little shop. 

There are always obstacles to be overcome when it comes to investigators progressing towards baptism i.e. without fail there's always some Muslim male family member who doesn't approve, doesn't want to break "family tradition" even though they've never set foot inside a xhami... that happened this past week with an incredible teen girl/ new golden investigator with promising family, and member referral actually.. but her grandpa told her she's not allowed to meet with us or go to church.
But there are plenty of prepared people who we are able to meet with and I am so grateful for that!

Also I'm loving reading from the Book of Mormon multiple times a day. I testify that it is a true and inspired book.
Wish you all the best this upcoming week! 

Me dashuri, Motra Rajlli <3 

Berat is beautifulll and so fun to be with sis Ariza again :) 

walking to a lesson one night and saw what looked like 4 elders fixing a flat tire but turns out it was the Fier elders stuffing the baptismal font in their makin, gettin resourceful haha 

our apt gets freezing, gotta keep warm somehow 

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