Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 47 - Durres

aweesome Lushnje peeps, missionary work is poppin; over there (also in Durres! ;)) 

luv r m3mb3rz

made some XHEL, livin' the dream just picking up fresh produce at the little tregs. And this is Sis. Eliason who is in her first transfer and suuch an amazing motra w/ off-the-charts (so good) lang. skills!

nene selfie (she wasn't a fan) and check out this drekaa e madhe yum
(this selfie pic made me laugh until I cried; only Madi would persist in taking a selfie with a completely disinterested Albanian woman)

Byrek ne Golem! 

Hey! This week was incredible.. shoot, every day out here is incredible. Had an awesome exchange in Lushnje with Motra Eliason who is amazing and met some really inspiring people in that small town during those 24hrs including two teenage sisters who showed up to a lesson Friday night but didn't have phone #s or something but promised to come to Kurs etc. but then they came again the next morning (with the same investigators/ their friends) and we happened to be talking about the significance of baptism etc. and they want to be baptized and are very eager to read more of the Book of Mormon and learn more, so enthusiastic. 

Also coming back to Durres we were walking down the street when a little girl kicking around a futbol chatted with us and ended up introducing us to her family and tons of friendly neighbors (it helps that we mentioned free English course twice a week hah). Wow but this work just skyrockets when people are so friendly and generous and willing to give us the time of day! 

Two of our Kerkuese, F and A, are wonderful; strong faith, keep commitments and read Libri i Mormonit any spare moment, and Xh's baptism will be pushed back a week due to a death in the family :( and L is so sweet and thoughtful and totally surprised us by showing up at church! She'd told us she just wouldn't be able to make it and we were disappointed but then in she walked just in time for sac. mtg. to start! And awesome p-day w/ her in Golem, she had us for lunch, so fun to meet the fam and typical Albanian genorosity; huuge homemade meal. I love you!!
Kalofshit sa me mire. <3

Me dashuri nga Qyteti i Durresit; Motra Rajlli :*

atje te toka


(Argentina~) shoutout to Hermana Mikolajcik! and Hermana Quain, and Elder Christensen etc. and all the other Vacaville missionaries serving over there these days :)

haha never a dull moment w/ this boy

aw wallpaper status

I sent this photo to Madi (of her 14-yr-old bro dressing as a missionary at the high school for the "Dynamic Duo" theme day; he handed out pass-along cards all day long)
aw cute! this makes me so proud! put it on the blog? ;) and send him to Albania, we could use him over here haha!

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