Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 37 - Durres, Albania

futbol with this little cutie who scored the winning goal! & then gave a spiritual thought on unity/ working together/Christlike attributes..these boys take this game so seriously ha)

some cute older people snapped our pic while finding, then saw them again 5min later and offered to take another one.. sweet, thx

(p-day) amphitheater ruins tour.. places like these are how I imagine settings for bible stories, olive trees in the background etc. #gotparables?

this part was used by orthodox priests hence the pray pic

haha I swear allll my pics are in pants.. I usually look more like a sister missionary, I promise
2/3 of our district
klm <3
Hej si jeni ju??
Missionary work here in Durres is hot and exhausting but rewarding aka a never-ending supply of potentials to share the gospel with on these streets! Lots of Besimtare (believers) down here, as we call them. As usual, looking back at this past week feels like it's been a month. I'll share some highlights.

An Elder in our mission, Elder Lesi, who was up in my zone in Kosovo (same district as Motra Dejves) and is now in Maqedoni, is from here and we've had a couple lessons with his family (members), they're so awesome so that's fun! His older sister (married in the temple) is a real-life Disney princess.. so kind and beautiful and spiritual. Their mom is so funny haha, insisting we stay for hours to visit (which of course we can't! but she's less-active so she assures us that relaxing at her house is def. missionary work.. hah I wish! Doesn't quite work like that) and eat all of the heaping plates of traditional food she prepared #telumshenduart. And the little brother (11yo) is soo cute and prepared a lesson to teach us when we came over! I love having families to work with here and getting to know these amazing members. And there are quite a few other missionaries in our mission from this ward! Yeah, Durres, represent.

So it's always frustrating when our investigators promise to come to church (esp. when we have such a nice building here lol!) but don't show up..for example, E, yesterday, showed us the reason why she couldn't make it: her 1yo son didn't have any diapers so she had to use a rag and plastic bag instead so I guess we'll cut her some slack this week!
Had Zone training, with Shkoder and Elbasan.. gave a training on working with the members/ taking advantage of our resources and strengthening our foundations etc. Exchange in Elbasan with sister Jackson, she's training on her 2nd transfer too, she is so cute and an awesome, diligent missionary!

At the end of Relief Society in church (which is drastically different from in Prishtina btw! cutest nenes (women) ever, so cute and STRONG/ faithful) we help out with music in primary and so fun teaching them 'A Child's Prayer' in Albanian, the soon-to-be deacons were getting so excited about singing their separate parts haha.
Oh and the other day sister Dejves had the great and fun idea to move our beds outside and sleep on the balcony! Haha so we totally have for the past 3 nights, totally feels like camping lol, but too many bug bites so time to move back inside, it was fun while it lasted!

I've been reading some of the Isaiah chapters in the BoM.. anyone have some explanations/ analyses for me lol?
Kalolfshit buker fare aty edhe ZOTI JU BEKOFTE, Jezu Krishti na ndihmofte.
<3 <3 me dashurine te madhe,
Motra Rajlli  

companionship trust exercise.. haha kindof!

our new bedroom!


ice-cream (&sorbet!) at the place everyone talks about "soo good" etc. w/ these awesome motras in my zone!

Elabasan sisters have a sweet view from their 9th floor apt! they also live next to a traditional-music deejay, blasting popullore songs past midnight..

walkinggggg si gjithmone

 hahaah this dog was eerily human-like.. squatting on a street corner, watchin us pass #skinwalkersofAlbania jk

better have at least 574839409478 people (eventual new investigators??) in kurs on Tuesday..
Beverly Hills, Albania

home sweet home <3

cool walls right? this place is awesomee

so yeah Durres is awesome! this nice beachfront area looks pretty different from the streets we usually spend our time walking but still!

check out that beautiful water we get to admire at a distance

this awesome girl/ new investigator let us in tracting and after a lesson had us stay for lunch and when we left she told us we are her sisters :) Albanians are so generous and friendly, I love it

and motra dejves bein Albanian, clipping her nails while waiting at a corner / Motra Dejves loves her ice-cream <3
gotta see these cuties in Elbasan! Met these two members in Kosovo a couple months back when they visited, they are awesomee <3 <3
Photos from Elder Simons:

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